National Policy Forum

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For a strong Policy Forum and a Gillard Government victory in 2013, we need to elect local Labor activists with deep connections to their community, and skills and experience in developing policy.

I work as a policy adviser, lawyer and writer, and have been in the Kings Cross ALP branch for a decade. I teach Law and Social Theory at the University of Sydney and in Communications at UTS, and am active in the NTEU, particularly around the interests of casual academics.

As a solicitor, I worked for asylum seekers and acted for parents at Redfern Public School to fight the closure of schools in the inner city just as more and more young families were moving in.

As policy advisor to the NSW Attorney General, I oversaw fundamental reforms to sexual assault law to give rape victims greater protections, and to strengthen laws against domestic violence.

And as a local Labor activist and supporter of the Faulkner Bracks reforms, I ran in the Sydney Lord Mayoral Community Preselection and campaigned for Sydney Labor, developing policies in arts, IT, childcare and environmental reforms which the City of Sydney has now adopted.

damian dot spruce at gmail dot com